See my other logo submission, The Minimalist.

The Archer

An Arch Linux conceptual logo
Copyright (c) 2007 Thayer Williams. All rights reserved.



To design a logo that is:

I knew I wanted to deviate from the existing arch-shaped design, but I felt the transition had to be a logical one; a logo that made sense not only to new Arch Linux users, but also to existing long-time 'archers'. So, what better representation than the archer itself?


Popular literature describes the archer as:

These same characteristics are a perfect match for Arch's primary attributes:


Although I have used shades of blue to maintain some similarities with the existing Arch Linux brand, I think this logo works just as well, if not better with magenta. I may post some examples at a later time.

The gradients used in the top example are simply white with varying levels of alpha transparency. The advantage being that you can change the colour of the bottom object and the gradients will be adjusted accordingly (see the Community Mods below for examples of this.)

The Tango icon palette is a slightly more subdued shade of blue with an equally pale highlight.


To maintain some of the original Arch Linux brand, I have used the same Karat typeface from the original logo; however, it has been modified to give the text an even sharper appearance. The height of the bolded portion has also been adjusted to provide more balance with the non-bolded text.

The slogan text is the Liberation Sans typeface, complementing the overall simplicity. DejaVu Sans or Serif (italicized) is suggested as an alternative typeface when greater Unicode support is desired. These secondary fonts are available under open licenses.

Vertical Orientation

Tango Icons


CD Labels

Black and white labels

Splashy Bootsplash

Black bootplash with blue progress bar


SLiM Theme

1680x1050 resolution


GDM Theme

Nearly the same as above, but for GDM (one size fits all)


Community Mods

Example modifications for various desktops, window managers, etc.. more to come.

Archer Classic Edition

The original concept and simplified version of the archer logo.

Web Button

Wallpaper 6-Pack

These wallpapers by Adan "Venom339" Vivar make for a beautiful backdrop to any logo. Check out his deviantArt gallery for non-Arch versions of these and other wallpapers.

Download the entire pack (20MB - 1680x1050), or click on each image individually:

Aqua Vines



Luminous (Uber Edition)



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See my other logo submission, The Minimalist.

Copyright (c) 2007 Thayer Williams. All rights reserved.