See my other logo submission, The Archer.

The Minimalist

An Arch Linux conceptual logo
Copyright (c) 2007 Thayer Williams. All rights reserved.



Unlike my other concept, this is not meant to be a cookie-cutter corporate logo. Instead, it is intended to be an artisan approach to Arch Linux branding.

The concept was inspired by the many 'designer' desktops found throughout the Arch Linux screenshots threads; beautifully elegant in their simplicity. It borrows influences from various sources, including the artwork and architecture of the 1960's minimalist movement, Half-Life 2, and classic sci-fi films in the likes of Logan's Run and Soylent Green.


This logo is not so much about colour as it is about shape. I see it used more as a flat colour or semi-transparent watermark to show the underlying image as the true form of branding.

When not accompanied by artwork, shades of dark grey and pale green have been used to reflect its subdued simplicity. I do not see the need to impose one single official colour.


The typefaces used are AUdimat and AXswar from the Smeltery type foundry.

Desktop Icons


Tango Icon (draft)

Splashy bootsplash

A simple all-black bootstplash with green progress bar.


SLiM Theme

A simple login theme for SLiM (1680x1050).


Wallpaper 6-Pack

1680x1050 widescreen

Original photography by kucharo.

Official Logo Submission


See my other logo submission, The Archer.

Copyright (c) 2007 Thayer Williams. All rights reserved.