This patch is similar to gridmode (in fact it is an altered version) in that it provides a layout for dwm, which arranges the windows in a grid. Though instead of using a regular grid, which in case leaves empty cells (e. g. with 3 windows there are 4 cells, one cell is empty), it uses the same number of columns, but adjusts the number of rows (at first x rows and (x+1) rows, when needed) leaving no empty cells.


Download the patch and apply it according to the general instructions. The patch will make the following changes:

  • gaplessgrid.c: adding the file
  • config.def.h: adding the include-line for 'gaplessgrid.c'
  • config.def.h: adding the layout '"###", gaplessgrid'

Comment: There may be problems applying the patch, if another layout has been added before.


  • Transfer the changes made by the patch in 'config.def.h' to 'config.h', if needed.
  • Add a key definition like '{ MODKEY, XK_g, setlayout, {.v = &layouts[3]} },'.