Google Chrome Themes

Inspired by the Windows Classic desktop theme, toolbars and other elements of these themes match the native Windows XP Classic colour scheme. That’s not to say they won’t work well under other environments, but they will certainly provide a more consistent user experience for Windows Classic fans.

There are 16 themes in total, based on 3 colour schemes. Some variations include a partial window frame, resembling a traditional application window. Originally based on the Chrome Professional theme by Davewils55.

To install, extract the zip file(s) and then drag the desired theme into Google Chrome.


A dark, neutral theme available in 6 flavours.

Blackfin for Google Chrome (41 KB)

Blackfin screenshot 1 Blackfin screenshot 2 Blackfin screenshot 3


Based on the default Windows Classic blue and beige, Redmond is available in 6 varieties.

Redmond for Google Chrome (32 KB)

Redmond screenshot 1 Redmond screenshot 2 Redmond screenshot 3


Essentially an inverted Blackfin theme, using the purple incognito colourscheme by default and the dark grey colour for incognito mode. Available in 4 varieties.

NeXTish for Google Chrome (27 KB)

NeXTish screenshot 1 NeXTish screenshot 2

More resources

Chrome theming wiki:

Chrome .crx files are actually just zip archives with a different extension. To modify or view the contents of a theme, simply append .zip to the end of the filename and extract as usual.